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Publishing Credits

Zürcher Kammermusikgesellschaft
c/o Or Re'em
Toblerstrasse 6, 8044, Zürich, Zürich, Schweiz

Executive and Artistic Director
Or Re'em


Editing and Content

Jens Barthelmes 

Image Credits

Image credits are included in the photo caption if required by copyright.

The title illustration for the concert be:longing uses among other elements a photo from the Rodin museum © by Agence photographique du musée Rodin, Jérome Manoukian, that has been altered and creatively manipulated.

The photo from the campaign "In Love" was licensed specifically for this campaign through Keystone-SDA.

Use of typefaces has generously been granted by Pangram Pangram type foundry.

All Artist photos are in possession of the Artist and license to publish has been granted.

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