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Our Mission

The Zurich Chamber Music Society (ZKMG) was founded by a group of music enthusiasts and advocates of the arts with a mission to enrich the cultural landscape of our community. Our volunteer team consists of people from various personal and professional backgrounds, including musicians, amateurs, medical professionals, software developers, visual artists and many more. We are united by a shared passion for chamber music and a commitment to enhance the local music scene.

The city of Zurich offers a wide range of excellent music programs, from opera to symphony concerts. We aspire to elevate the art of chamber music to a comparable level. With the foundation of the ZKMG we aim at creating the necessary infrastructure for fruitful musical collaborations for the benefit of the local community. Our goal is to promote chamber music, to make it accessible to everyone, celebrate its beauty and unique qualities, and thereby enrich our cultural life.


For more information about our operations, please contact us at

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